Lignes de vie

Cie Lezards Bleus - Antoine Le Menestrel (France)

From 03.31.2023 to 04.01.2023 | 01:15 pm, 07:00 pm

Price: Free
Age: +5
Language: No text
Length: 30 min

Friday 31/3: 7pm
Saturday 1/4: 1:15pm


A façade dance parkour show using the architecture, public spaces and residential buildings as a score.

Choreographer Antoine Le Menèstrel is an accomplished climber. He climbs urban facades, jumps from one window to another, dances on walls and ceilings. He traces his own life line in the heights of the city, touching the sky. With his head in the air, we follow him, amazed to see him so agile, so free.

Between acrobatics, dance and mime, each of his shows creates a new dialogue with the city and its architecture, making it more beautiful, more accessible, playing with its roughness, its hindrances, the contours of its buildings and the shadows that emerge in its corners. Sometimes it disappears to reappear a little further away, a little higher up, or among the audience, who savor this unprecedented experience with emptiness, without experiencing the slightest vertigo.

In 'Lignes de vie', together with five dancers and a musician, he gives us a polyphonic dimension to the conquest of his dreams of height. What trace do we leave of our life?


  • Coreògraf: Antoine Le Menestrel
  • Ballarins i creadors de l'itinerari (traceur): David Pagnon, Quentin Salvador, Fantin Seguin, Samuel Govindin i Thomas Legloinec
  • Músic i compositor: Gregory Vera
  • Direcció de terra: Jean-Luc Bichon
  • Distribució: Valy Martinez
  • Administració i Comunicació: Séverine Gros

About the company

In 1992 Antoine Le Menestrel founded Lézards Bleus with his mountaineer friend Franck Scherrer. The company creates hybrid vertical dance shows that participate in the transformation of the vision of urban and natural spaces. Each show is a unique recreation for a specific architectural structure and a particular human context.

"We pay special attention to the settings in which we intervene. The history of their walls, the people they have welcomed, the interaction with their inhabitants and the uses of public space are our footholds. We develop with them a complicity, a poetic vision of verticality in the heart of the city. We connect the high and the low, art and sport in public spaces and halls."

Today, Lézards Bleus includes dancers-traceurs who practice parkour with an artistic vision, different from the new competitive orientations of the discipline and developing a poetic vision of urban verticality.

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