Rouge Nord

Cirque Pardi! (France)

From Sa 01.04.23 to Su 02.04.23 | 13:00 h, 19:00 h

Price: Free
Age: +5
Language: Spanish
Length: 45 min


'Rouge Nord' immerses us in a cinematographic fresco on the border between Quentin Tarantino and Wim Wenders. High risk ancestral circus techniques rub shoulders with a bewitching mechanical universe.

'Rouge Nord',
a feeling of confusion offered to passersby.
The sound of an engine arises and opens the door to action.
An unexpected scene takes place.
Moment suspended.
No, it's not an accident
but the opening of a metallic color dream.
The public then witnesses the assembly of the live wire.
From our mechanical ballet.
The line is tense, the tightrope walker breathes.

An acrobat singer
A lost tightrope walker
A dilapidated crane truck
A mercedes from 1978
A crank phone booth
A live concert
45 minutes of drunkenness.

“Mechanics is a joke, music a language.
Thread is a dream, public space a pillar of expression"


  • Tightrope walker and project leader : Timothé Loustalot Gares
  • Machinist and technician: Rémi Bernard
  • Musician and composer: Antoine Boquet
  • Actress and singer: Maristella Tessio
  • Machinist and technician: Aloïs Pesquer

About the company

Cirque Pardi! is a collective of artists, builders, drivers, logisticians, administrators... gathered around a modern itinerant circus project. Departing from Toulouse, since 2011 they have been touring the roads of Europe with various creations in tent ('BorderLand', 2014; 'Low Cost Paradise', 2019) and in public space ('Rouge Nord', 2018).

The heart of Pardi! is a sincere and experimental artistic line. Creation and artistic expression are carried and defined by the collective. They create their works collectively by entrusting theirselves to an outside gaze mid-creation. They believe that this method allows each artist to express intimacy and honesty. They claim a social circus and a political circus. Their limit is morality.


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