La casa més petita

Campi Qui Pugui (Catalonia)

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Sa 01.04.23 | 10:00 h, 16:00 h

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +6
Language: Catalan
Length: 65 min


In the situation of uncertainty experienced by refugee children, a hug can be the smallest home.

With a suitcase, a small apple tree and the wish to come back home soon, Betina leaves behind her home to rest from the noise of bombs and the fear of war. Arriving at her "new house", she realizes that nothing is as she imagined.

Norma, an older girl in her same situation, will be the one to accompany her in this story, building a friendship that will allow them to face the difficulties to which they survive.


  • Direcció: Rosa Díaz (La Rous Teatro)
  • Intèrprets: Cristina Garcia i Aitana Giralt o Alícia Buil
  • Idea original: Yarleku Teatro
  • Autoria del text original: Maialen Díaz
  • Traducció i adaptació: Xavier Manuel i Cristina Garcia
  • Disseny escenografia: David Lainez
  • Construcció escenografia: Jordi Pedrós i Joan Pena
  • Vestuari: Goretti Herrero
  • Música: Asier Fernandez i Eneko Anaut
  • Il·luminació: Marc Espinosa
  • Producció: Cia. Campi Qui Pugui

About the company

The company Campi Qui Pugui (CQP) started in 2008, run by Jordi Pedrós and Cristina Garcia, trained in different theatre techniques in Paris, Barcelona and Lleida. They create visually attractive characters that take us to other realities and give life to imaginary stories. They are also seeking the meeting point amongst all audiences, using humor, emotions and visual resources understandable by people from all ages and cultures. They wish to wake up the inner child we all have.

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