Les ales de la Carlota

Companyia de teatre Anna Roca (Catalonia)

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Sa 01.04.23 | 11:45 h, 17:30 h

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +8
Language: Catalan
Length: 60 min


If death is the most certain thing in our life, why does it scare us so much?

This work is a hymn to life that allows us to talk about death. It is the sweet chirping of a bird that has made a nest on our window sill and from which we learn the joy of living. Because, on this journey full of color and poetry, the birds are the teachers and we are the apprentices. And from the birds we learn that if we die it is precisely because we have lived before.


  • Idea creativa i direcció: Anna Roca
  • Dramatúrgia: Laia Alsina Ferrer
  • Ajudant de direcció: Arnau Nadal
  • Intèrprets: Sara Morera o Iris Schneider, Cristina Arenas, Jordi Gilabert o Raúl Martínez
  • Disseny il·luminació i so: August Viladomat
  • Disseny espai i escenografia: Xevi Bayona
  • Disseny i confecció vestuari: Carlota Rodríguez
  • Producció i distribució: Aina Gomis
  • Producció: Companyia de teatre Anna Roca
  • Agraïments i suports: SiFactoria Cornellà, LaSaLa Sabadell i Ca les Hermanes - Sant Feliu de Pallerols

About the company

The Companyia de teatre Anna Roca began its long journey in Olot in 1996. Since then they have dedicated a large part of their lives to children and families. They have been keeping families, programming professionals, institutions... and they continue to create quality shows for all audiences today.


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