Les petites coses

La Mecànica (Balearic Islands)

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Th 30.03.23 | 10:00 h, 18:30 h

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +5
Language: No text
Length: 60 min


When and why did we, the adults, stop playing? Physical, visual and object theatre for young people and adults.

A riotous, fresh and inspiring piece of physical theatre where a group of adults fight to be good role models without losing their marbles, before the logic and direct sincerity of the little ones.

The show is nourished by the presence, the energy and the voices of the children of the local community, who make us see our world through their eyes. The result is sometimes poetic and sometimes humorous, at it's core being the question: when and why did we, the adults, stop playing?


  • Dramatúrgia i direcció: Pau Bachero
  • Assessorament científic: Marga Salas
  • Assessorament artístic: Jonathan Holloway
  • Intèrprets: Aina Zanoguera, Alejandro Navarro, Borja Tous i Carme Serna
  • Direcció musical i espai sonor: Mon Joan Tiquat
  • Escenografia i titelles: Alfred Casas
  • Artista plàstic: Claudio Capellini
  • Vídeo mapatge: Marc Homar
  • Il·luminació: Jenny Vila
  • Vestuari: Angie Vallori
  • Utilleria: Andrea Custodio
  • Construcció escenografia: Borja Tous
  • Projecte educatiu: Paula Vila
  • Tècnic: Juanro Campos
  • Ajudant de producció: Bel Albertí
  • Fotografies: Luca Rocchi
  • Producció creativa: Jenny Vila

About the company

La Mecànica is a performing arts production company based in Mallorca, Spain, making work and collaborating with national and international artists, exploring cross-platform, visual and physical performance in all its forms. Born in 2015 with the show 'Yet Another Fleeting Hour' (Noches Feten Award 2016) and run by Jenny Vila and Pau Bachero, both with extensive national and international devising and producing experience.


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