Quelonia y el mar

Teatro Gorakada (Basque Country)

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Th 30.03.23 | 10:00 h, 15:30 h

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +5
Language: Spanish
Length: 45 min


This show won’t take place in the city of Igualada, but in the Centre Polivalent de Can Papasseit in Vilanova del Camí.


A kind and funny story, in the form of a song, that talks about friendship and survival.

The little turtle is born one moonless night on the beach. Her instinct tells her that she must follow the reflection of the stars on the water to reach the sea but, confused by the city lights, the little turtle unknowingly enters a completely different world.

'Quelonia and the sea' is a story in the form of a song that talks about friendship and survival, about the search for one's own place in a world where what benefits some can harm others and vice versa.

Una experiencia singular para recordar la importancia de lo que es humano, sencillo y compartido.


  • Autora i directora: Dora Cantero
  • Composició musical: Fran Lasuen
  • Interpretació: Nerea Ariznabarreta
  • Música a escena: Maider López
  • Disseny d'il·luminació: Fermin Izko
  • Escenografia i atrezzo: Martí Doy
  • Vestuari: Paulette San Martin
  • Direcció artística i producció executiva: Alex Díaz
  • Producció: Teatro Gorakada
  • Administració: Maite López
  • Comunicació: Markel Ganbo

About the company

Since 1987, Teatro Gorakada have tried to surround itself with a team of collaborators closely linked to the theatrical and educational world.

The company has received Feten Awards for 'Jim on treasure island', 'Robin Hood', 'The ogrito', 'Around the world', 'Moby Dick', 'Ulysses' voyage', 'Pinocchio' and 'The man who planted trees'; Award at the Albaida Puppet Festival and Imagina Award for 'Jim on treasure island' and Audience Award at the International Theater Festival in Villanueva de la Serena for 'Ulysses' voyage'. They also were finalists for the Max Awards with 'Moby Dick' and 'Ulysses' voyage'.


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