Ortiga (Catalonia)

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From Fr 31.03.23 to Su 02.04.23 | 10:30 h, 12:00 h, 15:30 h, 17:00 h, 17:30 h, 19:00 h

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +6
Language: Multi
Length: 60 min

Friday 31/3:
3:30pm, 5:30pm and 7pm
Saturday 1/4: 12pm, 5pm and 7pm
Sunday 2/4: 10:30am and 12pm 


An immersive theatrical experience where you will discover a story about the connection with the earth.

'An-ki' is a very old word, the language of that word is already dead, but the meaning of 'An-ki'
it is still alive and older than the word.
'An' means sky, 'Ki' means earth.
But what does 'An-ki' mean?
'An-ki' is a story about the origin and destiny of mankind.
'An-ki' is the voice of the earth, the seed, the tree and the fruit.
'An-ki' is the memory of the world.
'An-ki' is the imaginary created by a girl, Adja, to sustain the reality of her world, where the shadows of giants they appear in the woods dropping their dreams. Adja and her family will look for the roots of their past and the hope of the future, to deal with the bleak existence they face.
'An-ki' is an immersive theatrical experience, in a living space that invites you to discover every corner, every secret, where you not only listen and look, you also move, touch and feel.
'An-ki' is you too.
'An-ki' means universe.


  • Autors i direcció artística: Íngrid Codina i Guillem Geronès
  • Interpretació: Clara Centenera, Íngrid Codina i Guillem Geronès
  • Música: Mika Lecuyer
  • Llum: Andreu Fàbregas i Albert Mossoll
  • Escenografia: Rui Macedo i Guillem Geronès
  • Producció i difusió nacional: Èlia Teis
  • Producció internacional: Helena Febres

About the company

Ortiga was born in Banyoles in 2015. The first show of the company, 'Kumulunimbu', a story about migration premiered in 2016, was awarded best show at Fimo in Portugal and Haifa Kids festival in Israel, and best street show and best dramaturgy at the Puppet Fair of Lleida. In 2019 the play installation/social project 'Fulles ambulants' premieres. In 2020 two short stories 'Mar, l'aigua dels somnis' and 'Sira, records de la Terra' are born to talk to children about emotional management. In 2022 they premiere 'An-ki' at the Puppet Fair of Lleida and in May 2023 they will present 'Originaria', an itinerant artistic project for the regeneration of the territory.

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