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CAL Teatre (Catalonia)

04.02.2023 | 11:30 am, 03:30 pm

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +6
Language: Catalan
Length: 50 min


Can you live inside a lie?

Who has never told a lie? Whoever says that they have never lied at school, on the street, at home, playing soccer or ludo, will be lying. They lie on TV and on the internet. The stories are a lie. Lies that hide truths. Truths that hide lies.

'Big fat lie' is a show that proposes a reflection on the lie and the truth based on the story of a child who rejects his reality. Two architects, experts in creating lies, will help you create a new identity. Will the lie hold up?


  • Creació: CAL Teatre
  • Direcció i dramatúrgia: Dora Cantero
  • Intèrprets: Jordi Font i Carlos Gallardo
  • Espai escènic i titelles: Carlos Gallardo
  • Il·luminació: Mario Andrés
  • Música original: Joan Bramon
  • Vestuari: Paulette San Martín
  • Disseny gràfic: Sergio Escalona
  • Vídeo: Nina Solà

About the company

CAL Teatre was born in 2015 from the common passions of its members, such as puppet theatre, the fascination for objects and the creation of stories born from everyday magic.

From the need to talk about identity and one's own voice, in 2016 'El bosc com balla' was born, which participated in the 2017 season of Teatre Tantarantana, Barcelona Cultural District 2018 and participated in several festivals, of which Feten stands out 2019.

'Joc de cadires' is his second show and it is an investigation into one of the most important human capacities to understand the world and those around us: empathy. They have had a season at the Teatre Tantaranta in Barcelona and have participated in several events such as Mostra Igualada 2019, Mitmo 2021, Feten 2020, Red de Teatros Alternativos 2020, Red de Teatros de Madrid, Festival Canarias Artes Escénicas 2021, among others, touring all over Catalonia and the whole state.

CAL Teatre wants to create poetics and universes where the public can immerse themselves and travel. They accept the challenge of explaining what is essential in a different and attractive way.

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