El meu monstre

Las dueñas del balón (Catalonia)

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Fr 31.03.23 | 10:00 h, 15:30 h

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +5
Language: No text
Length: 50 min


This show won’t take place in the city of Igualada, but in the Centre Polivalent de Can Papasseit in Vilanova del Camí.


The adventure of living with ourselves explained through dance.

A journey through the imagination that, hand in hand with an unexpected companion, connects us with our courage and invites us to face those fears that torment us.

A story of self-love where playfulness and dance narrate journey of discovery, recognition and acceptance.


  • Direcció artística i coreografia: Las dueñas del balón
  • Dramatúrgia i mirada externa: Arantza López
  • Espai sonor: Santi Carcasona i Sergi Riera
  • Disseny de llums: Marieta Rojo
  • Audiovisuals: Gina Jacas
  • Distribució: Lola Rodríguez

About the company

Las dueñas del balón (Angie Mas and Bea Vergés) are an emerging Catalan dance company born in 2018. Their first two stage creations are aimed at adult audiences: 'Sí' (2020) and 'La divina' (2022).
With this creation, they want to bring the language of contemporary dance closer to children through a story that stands out for its humanity.

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