L'Arbre del Teneré

La Negra (País Valencià)

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Th 30.03.23 | 10:00 h, 17:15 h

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +6
Language: Catalan
Length: 40 min


The story of our Ténéré tree is a tale of roots, lights and shadows

The Ténéré tree was an acacia that was considered, for a long time, the loneliest and most isolated tree on Earth. The last survivor of a group of trees that grew when the desert was much less dry than today, a time when the sand was full of lakes and life. But desertification came and our tree spent decades in solitude. Until, at the beginning of the 20th century, a caravan of tuaregs in the direction of Niger discovered it and it became a referential and revered tree. In 1974, a drunk driver crashed into him, ending his life.


  • Performers: Inés Muñoz i Nelo Sebastià
  • Voice-over: Verónica Andrés
  • Dramaturgy and direction: Toni Agustí
  • Direction assistant: Carlos Amador
  • Plastics: Mar Vicens i Inés Muñoz
  • Sound space: Adolfo García
  • Manipulation: Nelo Sebastià
  • Executive production: Mayte Barbazán
  • Distribution: a+ Soluciones Culturales
  • Technician: Cotu Peral

About the company

La Negra is a theater company founded in 2017 by the actor and producer Carlos Amador with the purpose of creating theater shows for children and youth through the use of a poetic and visual language, and a contemporary stage proposal based on experimentation and reflection.


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