Cia. Maitane Sarralde (Basque Country)

04.01.2023 | 08:30 pm

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +6
Language: Spanish
Length: 40 min


“As it falls, the horizon lines burst, twist and overlap.
The horizon shakes in a collapsing labyrinth.
You lose all awareness of what is above and what is below, what comes before and what comes after.
You lose awareness of your body and its contours.
Imagine that you fall and there is no land” - Hito Steyerl

'Desªnuda' is a contemporary and suspended dance show that deals with the knot and surrender to the naked void. In interaction with the floating structure and the pendulum elements that hang from it, this interdisciplinary piece investigates the weightless body and the multiple corporalities faced with the strangulation of a knot and the instability it causes. In 'Desªnuda' we find a knotted body in search of the loose end.


  • Text: Maitane Sarralde i Hito Steyerl
  • Creació i interpretació: Maitane Sarralde
  • Acompanyament artístic: Pau Portabella i Eneritz Zeberio
  • Acompanyament coreogràfic: Roseta Plasencia
  • Escenografia i estructura: Alicia Arrechac
  • Univers sonor: Ruben G. Mateos
  • Veu en off: Aiora Sedano
  • Il·luminació: Javi Garcia Martinez
  • Vestuari: Betitxe Saitua
  • Rigging: Carlos Gigante i Xabier Petra

About the company

After having worked as a dancer and performer in various national and international projects and companies (Marie de Jongh, Cia Yskinna, Magalie Lanrriot, Beco Cabaret or La Glo Zirko), Maitane Sarralde decides to immerse herself in a solo proposal as a creator and performer, where she integrates new practices together with the technical and artistic team with whom they compose 'Desªnuda', her first creation.

This show was born in the search for new ways to explore harness dance and the dynamics that govern it. The pendulum, the fall, weightlessness and suspension. Starting from the material and elements with which they work, a common discourse is generated around the knot and the “pending” elements.

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