NUA (Radiografia d'un trastorn)

Flyhard Produccions / Sala Flyhard (Catalunya / Illes Balears)

04.01.2022 | 06:00 pm

Price: 8€/5€
Age: +14 years
Language: Catalan
Length: 60 min


How many calories burns, to feel good? A play about eating disorders and the imposition of beauty standards

Coming home after years living away and finding yourself confronted with the ghosts you ran away from. Or even the "monster", when it comes to an eating disorder. 'NUA' faces it up unfiltered. Raw. How this disorder permeates every single cell in your body and becomes a voice that possesses you. How society imposes bodies and judgements on us that make people live in continuous restriction/abuse. Even when talking about "real beauty". How it affects us all. How the sum of our experiences tightens the corset more and more until it suffocates us. And how we can also get out of it.


  • Direcció: Marta Aran
  • Intèrprets: Ann Perelló
  • Dramatúrgia: Ann Perelló / Andrea Ros
  • Producció executiva: Ann Perelló
  • Producció: Carme Amengual
  • Música: Claudi Herreros
  • Ajudant de direcció, moviment, cos i veu: Lucía Torres
  • Disseny de llums, tècnica en gira: Anna Boix
  • Videocreacions: Miquel Àngel Raió
  • Col·laboració especial: Júlia Truyol, Elionor Sintes
  • Una coproducció de: Teatre Principal de Palma de Mallorca

About the company

Ann Perelló, Mallorca, 1990. A versatile performer, she started acting at a very early stage on theatre, movies and television. She has won several awards as a best actress both at national and international festivals. 'NUA' is her first personal project, which was co-produced by the Teatre Principal de Palma, where it premiered in 2021. 'NUA' was selected in the call for projects On el teatre batega 20-22.


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