La chispa

Escenapart - TeatreAkadèmia (Catalunya)

04.13.2024 | 09:00 pm

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +14
Language: Catalan
Length: 65 min


Young talent in a fresh, funny and nonconformist production. An adventure of superheroes who rebel against the injustices of the world

Do superheroes exist? Yes, they all live in comic book stores. These spaces inhabited by strange beings, who seem to be somewhere between reality and fiction.

'La chispa' is an everyday story that takes place in a small comic shop. A sketchy comedy in which some young entrepreneurs have to decide whether to continue with their small neighborhood shop or put on a cape and a mask and fight against the curses of this unfair world.

A comic of superheroes, well…


  • Author: Marc Angelet
  • Direction: Iban Beltran and Ana Pérez García
  • Cast: Lluís Català, Maria Frias, Miguel Gómez and Núria Orellana
  • Scenic space: Sebastià Brosa
  • Costumes: Caterina Pérez
  • Lighting: Lluís Serra
  • Sound space: Roger Ábalos
  • Set design assistant: Laura Martínez Pi
  • Production assistant: Anna Castillo
  • Photographs: Felipe Mena
  • Artistic direction: Guido Torlonia
  • Production management and direction: Meri Notario
  • Head of communication and marketing: Míriam Font
  • Premsa and assistance to the artistic direction: Fernando Solla
  • Technical direction: Lluís Serra
  • Assistant technician: Victor Castro
  • Stage manager: Núria Farrús
  • Audience management: Rubén Salinas
  • Community manager: Eladi Bonastre

About the company

Since 2007 Teatre Akadèmia has become a center that produces and exhibits theatrical shows that represent new creation and vindicate the role of new technologies applied to performing arts and its diverse relationship around word, body, gesture, music and movement. A space for training, research and creation. A place for meeting and debate that also welcomes artists on a residency basis.

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