Inspira Teatre (Catalonia)

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Su 02.04.23 | 10:00 h, 12:00 h

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +1
Language: No text
Length: 35 min


Family show with music and movement, suitable from 12 months and up.

The forest is a wonderful place, where we can explore and play with our friends. These can be plants, trees or even animals. They all have many gifts to offer. Who knows? Maybe some extraordinary creatures will appear!


  • Idea original: Esther Westermeyer
  • Intèrprets: Laia Piró, Neus Umbert i Esther Westermeyer
  • Direcció escènica: Claudia Moreso
  • Direcció musical i composició: Viv Manning
  • Disseny de llums: Guillem Bonfill
  • Escenografia: Xavier Erra
  • Construcció escenografia: Taller Jorba-Miró
  • Vestuari: Rosa Solé
  • Producció: Inspira Teatre
  • Producció executiva: Gemma Ros
  • Fotografia: Ana Zaragoza
  • Vídeo: Arian Botey (Videostudi)
  • Coproducció: FIM Vila-seca. Fira de música emergent i familiar
  • Acompanyament: Eli Guasch
  • Col·laboracions: Bernat Erra, Jan Erra i Àlex Cabrer
  • Residències: CC Zona Nord, SAT! Sant Andreu Teatre i La Sala
  • Amb el suport de: ICEC
    Projecte guanyador de la Beca Barcelona Crea

About the company

Inspira Teatre is a show company for all audiences that has been built with passion, joy and effort since 2011. The pillars on which their creations are based are rhythm arts (music, movement and theater) and the voice. They always try to practice the double gaze: one towards their soul and the other towards the outside, towards the world, to keep in mind who they are communicating with. They seek to be close to children to nurture them with learning; to accompany them in their “growth” and building; to remind them of the dreamy citizen they are, and to train the muscle of the imagination. In short, to make them freer through art.

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