Rikus i els Cromàtics

Rikus Animació Familiar (Catalunya)

Sunday, 3 April | 18:15 h

Price: 8€/5€
Age: +5 years
Language: Catalan
Length: 55 min



A world trip with humor and music to make the Earth bright again

The Cromàtics (who have been studying all the planets of the Milky Way for millennia to create a universal friendship network) are worried because they have detected something that is not working: according to their most recent studies, planet Earth no longer shines as before. Rikus will guide the Cromàtics around the planet to find out what's going on.An environmental-themed show that will treat the different problems critically but from positivity and good vibes.


  • Producció musical: Marc Parrot
  • Direcció artística: Martí Torras
  • Dramatúrgia: Sadurní Vergés
  • Vestuari: Carme Puigdevall
  • Escenografia: Martí Torras
  • Disseny gràfic: Nuria Cantalozella
  • Músics: Albert Casellas, Xarli Salas, Pepe Soler, Andrea J Ruf i Enric Canosa

About the company

Rikus project was born in 2015 with the show 'A dalt de la muntanya'. One year after the company premiered 'Les caixes de colors', aimed to childcare places. With 'Rikus se'n va a la selva' (2017) they took an important step in their career and became a children’s entertainment group of four people. In 2019 the company produced the CD 'Canços amb barretina', a compilation of 13 songs with modern sounds and school calendar subjects. The group makes the leap to big stages with the show 'Visca la festa'. In 2022 Rikus will premier their new show "Cromátics". 



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