Boira a les orelles

Els Pirates Teatre (Catalunya)

Saturday 29 May | 11:00 h

Age: +12 years
Language: Catalan
Duration: 70 min

A portrait of deafness that will make us reflect on acceptance, coexistence and prejudices

Enric was born in 1984 in Barcelona. It’s not until the age of 5 that it’s confirmed that he has profound deafness. The fact that his parents are musicians and that has always played with sound makes it easier for him to learn oral language. The fact that his parents are musicians and that has always played with sound makes it easier for him to learn oral language.

Through this experience lived in the first person, Els Pirates Teatre presents this new show of collective creation that speaks to us about the acceptance, coexistence, prejudices and the deep ignorance that we have of functional diversities.


Fitxa artística

  • A creation by Els Pirates Teatre
  • Performers: Bernat Cot, Laura Pau and Lluna Pindado
  • Direction and lighting: Adrià Aubert
  • Dramaturgy: Els Pirates Teatre and Míriam Escurriola
  • Scenography: Enric Romaní
  • Costume: Maria Albadalejo
  • Movement: Anna Romaní
  • Original music: Ariadna Cabiró
  • Technician: Maria Martín
  • Comunication: Ester Cánovas
  • Production: Marina Marcos
  • Production assistant: Montse Farrarons
  • Videos: Looky Produccions
  • Poster's photography: Marga Parés
  • Show's photography: Marga Parés and Montse Farrarons
  • Interviews edition: Joan Cid and Montse Farrarons
  • Supertitle: Fundació Els Tres Turons and Passar Via, empresa d’inserció S.L.

Musical theme "Paraules"
Produced and mixed at Calmtree Studio
Produced by Jordi Beltrán and Aitor Andón
Mixed by Jordi Beltrán


Testimonials: Enric Romaní, Gemma Carreras, Vicenta Conde, Ana Duran, Berta Hernández, Clara Hernández, Mireia Hernández, Sendo Pedrosa, Montse Ribot, Anna Romaní, Pere Romaní, Guim Roselló


Thanks to: a tota la família i entorn de l’Enric, a tots els membres d’Els Pirates Teatre i a l’Auditori de Sant Ildefons de Cornellà de Llobregat


With the collaboration of la Generalitat de Catalunya. And the support of Centre cívic Parc Sandaru.

Coneix la companyia

Els Pirates Teatre is founded in Barcelona in 2001 and, since December 2013, they are also responsible for the management of El Maldà. It is made up of fifteen people from different disciplines who share the same desire to create and play on stage. Open to different scenic genres and authors, their shows maintain strong links with music and proximity with the public.


The company, which owes its name to the first show they staged, 'The Pirates by Gilbert and Sullivan', has a total of 31 shows in these 20 years of history. They have performed in different theaters in Barcelona (Onyric - Teatre Condal, La Seca, El Maldà, Teatre Lliure, Teatre Akadèmia, Teatre Regina, Llantiol), and have made the leap to Europe with 'Nit de reis (o el que vulgueu)', which could be seen at the Shakespeare Im Neuss Festival in Germany, and with the unpublished visual poetry show 'Teatre de carrer' by Joan Brossa that they took to Paris, Venice and Düsseldorf.