Els ocells ho fan, i les balenes i les puces també

Obskené (Catalunya)

From 05.27.2021 to 01.22.2022 | 06:30 pm, 08:36 pm

Age: +8 years
Language: Catalan
Duration: 60 min


Discover and show the diversity and plurality allows us to get closer to sexual liberation in all its manifestations and to understand and recognize ourselves as one among the other species that live in this world

With Birds do it, and so do whales and fleas, Obskené Company deals with the theme of reproduction and sexuality of animals. A piece where attraction, mating and dynamics of animals in their relationships allow us to understand, recognize and respect the diversity and plurality of our environment. Aware of the difficulty of showing on stage the behaviour of other species, we propose a space of fascination that we imagine full of humor and irony.

This show is accessible, includes sign language.

Fitxa artística

  • Dramaturgy: Judith Pujol and Eva Redondo
  • Direction: Judith Pujol
  • Direction assistant: Mauricio Sierra
  • Performers: Laura Abril, Sarah Anglada and Nuri Santaló/Queralt Casasayas
  • Sign language performer: Sandra Brake
  • Set design, lighting and costumes: Victor Peralta
  • Music and sound space: Laura Abril
  • Choreography: Sarah Anglada
  • Video: Clara Camprubí
  • Rehearsals photos: Lara M. Pascual
  • Production: Gràcia Camps and Teresa Petit
  • Thanks to: Advice on sex education, feminisms and LGTBI: Laura Vila Kremer, Teo Pardo and Leticia Moy. Accessibility consultancy: Èlia Farrero. Arabic translation: Maisda Turki, Walid Mahmoud Mountassir. Artistic Residence: The Social Union of Flix. Space for promotional photographs: Can Sardà.
  • Co-production: Companyia Obskené and Tantarantana with the support of OSIC. This show is part of El Cicló 2020-2021 (Creation support program).

Coneix la companyia

The company Obskené was founded in 2008 by Constanza Aguirre, Judith Pujol and Ricard Soler with a view to embarking on risky and innovative artistic projects. Their creation is based on an exploration of the different disciplines that form the performing arts. They refuse to accept that text, actor or director alone may reign supreme, rather understanding the performing arts as teamwork, from the very beginning of the creative process, in which each member of the team works in his or her speciality for the collective good.


The name “Obskené” refers to “obscene”, a word whose Greek root means “off” (ob-) “stage” (-skene). The Obskené company shows on stage what was formerly hidden behind the rear curtain, seeking to present “obscene”, shameless creativity.


06:30 pm
Des de
5 €
08:36 pm
Free admission