D'Click (Aragó)

04.14.2024 | 05:00 pm

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +5
Language: No text
Length: 60 min

Show with invitation for Super3 members (until all free tickets available are sold out). This invitation requires the purchase of at least one paid ticket for the same show. Each paid ticket can purchase a maximum of four Super3 invitations.


Humans are beautiful when they are fair, crazy, tender, brutal, but especially when he needs the other

A balance between the animal and the human, a dance between the useless and the beautiful. Three characters build and destroy the present with no other objective than to challenge boredom. They know each other so much that they don't need to talk. They inhabit a world in which something happened, but we don't know what. They look inside cans for a little of that, which multiplies when shared. An invitation to play indifferent to any thought. A moment of shared happiness, with one foot in this world, and another in a land without time.


  • Idea and production: D'Click    
  • Artists: Ana Castrillo, Hugues Gauthier and Javier Gracia    
  • Artistic direction: Florent Bergal    
  • Sound environment creation: Nieves Arilla    
  • Dramatic accompaniment: Laura Tajada    
  • Choreographic support: Diego Sinniger    
  • Acting exterior look: Alfonso Pablo    
  • Lighting design: Roberto Gregorio    
  • Sound and light technician: Cristina Rodriguez    
  • Costumes: Pep4    
  • Props and props support and creative space: Ibón Barquero and Carlos Herrero / Fábrica de Chocolate    
  • Graphic design: Detalier estudio creativo    
  • Video and production: Luislo    
  • Photography: Pilo Gallizo / Lorena Cosba    
  • Permanent creative space: Fábrica de Chocolate, Zaragoza    
  • Distribution: Elena Carrascal - Impulso Distribución

About the company

The company was born in 2010 from the meeting of Javier Gracia and Hugues Gauthier, who began research on juggling and movement combined with a Chinese mast. In 2014, Ana Castrillo joined and with her came dance. In 2017, the three members of the company premiered 'Isla', taking an important leap in the method of work and creation. In 2018, a new investigation concludes in 'Latas', an energetic, innovative and poetic proposal.

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