IAIA. La teixidora de paraules

Gisela Llimona (Catalunya)

04.14.2024 | 10:00 am, 12:15 pm

Price: 6€/10€
Age: +1
Language: Catalan
Length: 30 min

Time: 10h and 12:15h


A homage  to words (almost without words) dedicated to those grandmothers who tell tales while they sew and knit

Gisela Llimona's grandmother always accompanied her grandfather on trips around the world. While he talked about business, grandmother knitted in silence. This silence prevailed in the house when she died. Today one of the scarves she knitted started to unravel and Gisela discovered that her grandmother was a collector of words. This discovery will lead her to open her grandmother's travel trunk and discover all the words she kept.


  • Author and creation: Georgina de Yebra
  • Direction: Núria Olivé
  • Actress and manipulator: Gisela Llimona
  • Costume design and characterization: Júlia de Yebra
  • Sound Designer: Àlex Ballester
  • Lighting Designer: Mattia Russo
  • Set construction: Daniela Salagean (CalidDecor)
  • Construction of puppets: Nartxi Azcargortaand Georgina de Yebra
  • Knitter: María Fonseca (Ovejaenlanada)
  • Voice Grandma: Roser Pintó
  • Voices: Gerard Arias (german), Marçal Bayona (catalan), Raissa Brighi (italian), Héctor Carballo (galician), Cédric Chayrouse (french), Austin Desautels (english), Prabath Gunawardane (sinhala), Maria Gurikhina(russian), Yoshi Hioki (japanese), Max Horstink (dutch), Ajar Lafsam (arabic), Basilio Mandigma (tagal), Silvana Navas (spanish), Joshua Okello (lango, lugansa i acholi), Mikele Urroz (basque), Mawina Wań (polish). 
  • Translator: Olga Fernández
  • Songs: "Yaya" d'Àlex Ballester; "Walk in Paris" d'Yevhen Onoychenk; "Slow Happy Day (French jazz)" d'Art Music; "Arabic Prayer" de Sergei Chetvertnyk; "Middle Eastern Arabic Intro" de BreakzStudios; "Running On Waves" de Lev; "Asian Cinematic" de Music For Videos; "Koto" de Monument Music; "Misora" de Monument Music.
  • Production: Gisela Llimona
  • Distribution: Júlia de Yebra
  • Thanks to: Nise for talking, Èlia for listening, Andrea for being there, René for teaching and my silent Grandma.
  • With the support of: Department of Culture - Generalitat de Catalunya - ICEC
  • Withcollaborations with:  Ajuntament de Gualba, Ajuntament de Cornellà y la Factoria SI 

About the company

The company's history is recent, although it has been using the name of Gisela Llimona as an story teller for more than 15 years.

The first production is 'Lope sobre ruedas', a show co-produced by the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico (INAEM) for children aged 6 and over. The oral narrative work about the life and work of Lope de Vega has been nominated for the Premios Max two years in a row and is part of  Cuaderno 54 de Teatro Recomendado de La Red.


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