¿Cuándo viene Samuel?

Ultramarinos de Lucas (Castilla - La Mancha)

Friday, 1 April | 11:30 h

Price: 8€/5€
Age: +5 years
Language: Spanish
Length: 65 min

Premiere in Catalonia


Inspired by the classic 'Waiting for Godot', we play like children, while time goes by. The swing is a hope

Two men are waiting by a swing for Samuel's arrival to celebrate a party. To overcome boredom, they invent games, they imagine. Mr. Teacher comes, gives them the lesson and leaves.

One is a man looking at the moon.Another is a man who embraces the earth.Mister Teacher is a man who throws words into the air.The moon and the sun play spending time. They wait for each other. They never meet.A swing, at last, a wonderful toy, a trampoline, invites us to fly.


  • Director: Juan Berzal
  • Intèrprets: Jorge Padín, Juam Monedero i Juan Berzal
  • Ajudant de direcció: Marta Hurtado
  • Música: Nacho Ugarte
  • Vestuari: Martín Nalda
  • Escenografia: Juam Monedero
  • Il·luminació: Juan Berzal
  • Fotografia i vídeo: Ignacio Izquierdo
  • Disseny gràfic: Borja Ramos
  • Productor executiu: Juam Monedero
  • Producció: Ultramarinos de Lucas
  • Una coproducción amb: Teatro Español i Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha
  • Amb la col·laboració de: Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara

About the company

ASSITEJ Spain Award 2020 and Theatre National Award for Children and Young Audiences 2015. Ultramarinos de Lucas was born in Guadalajara in 1994. Our training comes from drama schools, like Jacques Lecoq in Paris, or La Abadía Theatre in Madrid. Our Company has created shows for adult, young and children audiences, taking special care of the artistic quality, as it has been recognized by critics and audience. Between the authors we have played with, you can highlight Shakespeare, Beckett or Pinter. We don't put on stage all the plays we'd like to; but the plays we show are those we need.



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