Sopa de pedres

Engruna Teatre (Catalunya)


Age: +3 years
Language: Catalan
Duration: 50 min

A story about people who have to leave their home and arrive to new lands, unknown for them

Alma is a girl who has to flee from her country because one day, in the sky where usually kites fly, she sees warplanes instead. After a long journey, she arrives to an unknown land, where people have plenty of things but they don’t want to share anything with her. Thanks to her ingenuity, she turns some stones that she has found along the into a soup of stones, which will turn those people’s individualism into team work and she teach a lesson to all those who had rejected her in the beginning.


Fitxa artística

  • Original idea and creation: Engruna Theatre
  • Artistic direction: Mireia Fernàndez
  • Performers: Anna Farriol and Júlia Santacana
  • Artistic assesment: Raimon Molins
  • Design and musical composition: Albert Ciurans
  • Voiceover: Silvia Ricart
  • Puppet design: Alba Serrat
  • Puppet construction: Gloria Arrufat
  • Scenography construction: Berta Vidal and Raúl Vilassís
  • Light design: Xavi Salavert
  • Sound space: Jordi Sala and Engruna Theatre
  • Technicians: Jonàs Serri and Jordi Sala
  • Design and costumes: Nuria Espinach
  • Atrezzo: Engruna Teatre
  • Photography: Anna Brugués
  • Graphic design: Ferdinand Llorens
  • Advice on the subject: Catalan Refuge Programme
  • Executive production and distribution: Txell Philip
  • Complicities: Show in Residence in LaSala, Cia Resident in l'Estruch, TTP and ICEC (Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • Thanks to: Núria Olivé, Sindy Bueno, Santa Ana Church, Ivó Castells, Jordi Andrés, Marçal Bayona, Juliet Andrés, Isabel Cruells, Maria Garcia, Guillermo, Enric Blasi, family, friends and all those who have given us their support and confidence to carry out this project

Coneix la companyia

Engruna Teatre tells stories and shares experiences hoping to thrill and make a difference.

The Engrunes (crumbs in Catalan) take tiny things, details we don’t usually pay attention to, like those crumbs on the table after a meal, and they turn them into unique tales, full of symbology and content.

10:00 h
12:00 h