Labranza Kids

Colectivo Lamajara (Catalunya)

From 28.05.21 to 29.05.21

Age: + 8 years
Language: No text
Duration: 20 min

“I remember those afternoons in the countryside in which everything you found was a play excuse”

‘Labranza Kids’ is a proposal designed for girls and boys from 6 to 12 and from 13 to 16 years old that uses the figure of the farmer and the artist to identify the similarities in both fields and see how they live together.

This version of ‘Labranza’ is approached with a contemporary and conceptual vision of the existing relationship between “man – field”, “dancer – body”, the landscape of the field led to the geography of the body. A constant comparison of two types of bodies that in their daily lives modify their surroundings from their movement.

Fitxa artística

  • Creation and choreography:Daniel Rosado, Arantza López and Reinaldo Ribeiro
  • Training: Arantza López, Daniel Rosado and Paloma Hurtado
  • Music: Marcelo Lastra
  • Video:Tristán Pérez Martín
  • Photo:Martín Albesa
  • Illustration: Iris Borras
  • Production and Distribution: Lola Rodriguez
  • Communication: Valeria Cosi

Coneix la companyia

Colectivo Lamajara is a collective of artists that organizes their work cooperatively with the consensus towards a common methodology. Throughout the seven years of experience, a solid and sustainable structure has been created with five shows produced, with visibility in Catalonia, the Canary Islands and Andalusia in the first place and countries such as Italy, Germany, Georgia, Mexico, Chile and Brazil.