Fragile 2.0

LaBú Teatre (Catalunya)


Age: +8 years
Language: No text
Duration: 50 min

A delicate portrait of fragility

Fragility can also be beautiful and powerful. LaBú Theatre invites you to feel, get excited, get lost… Through movement, two actors create visual landscapes suspended in an undefined space that is also vulnerable. A reflection on human fragility from a poetic perspective. Where do we go when we fall off the tightrope of life? What form does this fragility take within us?

Fitxa artística

  • Original idea: Anna Ros
  • Creation and interpretation: Andreu Sans and Anna Ros
  • External look: Montse Bonet
  • Stage designer: LaBú Teatre and Claudia Vilà
  • Costumes design: Iztok Hgra
  • Puppets and objects: Martí Doy
  • Light design: Sergi Illa and Josep Badia
  • Machinery design: Josep Badia
  • Soundtrack: Marcel Fabregat i Joel Condal
  • Photography: Arian Botey
  • Video: Julian Waisbord

Coneix la companyia

LaBú Theatre is a contemporary performing arts creation and research project on the dramaturgy of the object, atmospheres and visual landscapes. LaBú’s creative core is the result of 15 years of experience and the joint artistic efforts of co-creators Anna Ros and Andreu Sans in Barcelona, London and Paris. Both have developed several techniques such as body mime by French master Étienne Decroux with Theatre de L’Ange Fou and Philippe Genty.