Andròmines (Junk)

Samfaina de Colors (Catalunya)

05.30.2021 | 10:00 am, 11:30 am

Age: +3 years
Language: Catalan
Duration: 50 min


A poetic show that tells us about the transience of time

A girl climbs into the attic of her house, rediscovers her toys and, for a moment, becomes a child again.

Time passes calmly. Just a moment and we are older. The old treasures from infancy are now abandoned junk that come to life and brings us back to the paradise of childhood.

It is a poetic show that tells us about the transience of time.


Fitxa artística

  • Interpreters: Mirna Vilasís (voice, bells, small piano, water percussion and puppet) and Xavi Murcia (voice, electric guitar, pedals and box drum)
  • Authors: Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Múrcia
  • Artistic direction: Anna Ros
  • Technical direction: Xavi Múrcia
  • Music: Xavi Múrcia
  • Light design: Rafel Roca
  • Sound design: Xavi Múrcia
  • Technicians: Rafel Roca, Marc Jódar, Ivan Rubio i Marta Vilellas
  • Scenography: Berta Vidal and Raül Vilasís
  • Clothing design: Victoria Cretenze
  • Doll: Anna Moyano Mangas
  • Puppets: Martí Doy
  • Atrezzo: Martí Doy, Berta Vidal and Raül Vilasís
  • Animation: Cristian Pujante
  • Photography: Arian Botey
  • Rehearsal clip: Arian Botey
  • Video: Julian Waisbord
  • Office: Mirna Vilasís
  • Executive Production: Discos a mà i Samfaina de Colors
  • Co-production: LaSala Teatre
  • Residences: LaSala Teatre, Teatre Principal d'Olot and Teatre Auditori de Llinars del Vallès

Coneix la companyia

Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Múrcia founded Samfaina de Colors in 1988 in Sabadell, with the aim of offering quality shows for all audiences rooted in culture and territory. Musical, poetic and theatrical performances. Newly created, multidisciplinary, allegorical, gestural and objects. A company that already has 2.55.600 viewers, 5.634 performances, 24 shows and 8 CDs.


'Andròmines' (Junk) is the latest project by Samfaina de Colors, which ventures in a conceptual staging and creates a vibrant atmosphere that lets the audience feel the memories of childhood and reflect itself on them.