Les històries naturals

Lazzigags Produccions (Catalunya)

Saturday 29 May | 11:00 h

Age: +14 years
Language: Catalan
Duration: 105 min

Antoni de Montpalau in search of a vampire. A journey from the depth of darkness, to the deepest feelings of the heart

1840. Antoni de Montpalau, a renowned naturalist scientist of the Barcelona bourgeoisie, will be pushed to solve the mystery of the deaths that plague the people of Pratdip and are attributed to the bloodthirsty vampire Onofre de Dip. Helped by his cousin, the captain of the navy, Isadora Novau, and by the brave young Agnès d’Urpí, Montpalau’s firm rationalist principles will begin to crack.

Based on the vampire adventure novel by Joan Perucho, this adaptation focuses on the initiatory journey of the hero, Antoni de Montpalau, and the discovery of a world he thought impossible.



This show won’t take place in the city of Igualada, but in the Centre Polivalent de Can Papasseit in Vilanova del Camí.


Fitxa artística

  • Libretto: Silvia Navarro
  • Music and direction: Marc Sambola
  • Script and direction: Miquel Agell
  • Performers: Àfrica Alonso, Ester Bartomeu, Roger Berruezo, Clàudia Codony, Eloi Gómez, Marc Pujol , Carla Pueyo and Gerard Rodríguez
  • Musicians: Gerard Alonso, Jordi Costa and Monchu López
  • Choreography: Montse Colomé
  • Scenography: Eloi Linuesa
  • Costume: Núria Milà
  • Lighting: Daniel Gener
  • Sound: Jaume Edo
  • Dialectologist: Pere Navarro
  • Assistant Director: Pasquale Bavaro
  • Executive production: Lydia Linuesa

Coneix la companyia

Lazzigags Produccions is a company and school of theater and performing arts created in 1999 by Lídia Linuesa and Miquel Agell. Based in the Sants district of Barcelona, its main activities are the production of shows for a family and adult audience through Lazzigags Produccions and the training of the performing arts, professional and non-professional, at the Espai Lazzigags school and education centres (Teatre a les Escoles).


Since the premiere at Jove Teatre Regina of its first musical 'Supertot' by Josep M. Benet i Jornet, they have produced more than 20 shows. Highlights include 'Pippi Langstrump' with more than 10 years on the bill, and 'Tom Sawyer detectiu', active since 2014, which won the 2015 Premios del Teatro for Best Children's Musical.