Silver Drops Dansa (Catalunya)


Age: +3 years
Language: Others
Duration: 40 min

A stimulating language of movement for all audiences that will fascinate and give beauty to the lives of children

Starting from the basis roots, tradition and life, we will delve into scenarios and situations that will stimulate the imagination of children and also the adults that come with them.

A deep and sincere look at the earth to reflect on how this element allows us to live, both on a more real and symbolic level.

Starting from an exhaustive and careful analysis of movement in relation to the earth, the show becomes a very stimulating visual experiment.

Fitxa artística

  • A creation of Silver Drops Dansa
  • Original idea and choreography: Anna Macau
  • Direction and movement assistant: Alex Casteleiro and Mario García
  • Lighting and scenography: Ivan Rubio and Silver Drops Dansa
  • Original music: Alex Casteleiro and Silver Drops Dance
  • Dancers: Georgina Avilés, Aina Gargallo and Blanca Tolsà
  • Dancer cover: Naya Monzon
  • Distribution: Jaume Nieto / Imagin.art
  • Technical Head: Ivan Rubio
  • Sound and light technician: Jordi Llunell
  • Technical support: Anaïs Pedrosa
  • Thanks to Team of La SALA, Andrea Just, Menchero and Núria Martí.

Coneix la companyia

Silver Drops Dansa start in 2018 with the dance show for children 'Silver Drops', which already exceeds 50 performances and 10.000 spectators. It has participated in the schoolar programs of the AC Granollers and in "Anem al teatre" de la Diputació de Barcelona. In 2020 it was on tour with family shows in Catalonia and participated at Festival 'El Més Petit de Tots'.


Currently, the company is resident company in LaSala and present its second creation 'Terra' with, hoping to create new synergies to go even further.