Emília Gargot (Catalunya)

From 28.05.21 to 29.05.21

Age: +12 years
Language: Others
Duration: 40 min

Riots in the digital public space

Moron. Piece of shit. Fool. Have you ever held yourself back from addressing these words to someone?
If you are young, Container is for you! A space of trust where an arsonist, a burning container, a voice assistant and your whatsapps, will be the necessary elements to express our hatred in a fun and fearless way.
An energetic and hooligan proposal that propose us transfering the hatred generated in social networks in the real public space. If hate is just as natural as love… what do you hate?

Fitxa artística

  • Creation: Emilia Gargot
  • Direction: Jon Arrizabalaga Castillo
  • Co-direction: Genís Farran Vall
  • Performer: Oriol Vázquez
  • Production: Guillem Fuster Fayos
  • Graphic design and costumes: Laura Barquets Garcia
  • Technical design: Gerard Feliu
  • Direction assistant: Farah Benhalima
  • Scenography construction: Enric Porta Sàrries
  • Coproduction: FiraTàrrega, Festicam Amposta , Festival GREC de Barcelona i RBLS Festival Teatre Jove
  • With the collaboration of: Mim Sueca i Mostra Igualada

Coneix la companyia

Emília Gargot was born from the participation of its members in the Postgraduate Course in Street Arts Creation at FiraTàrrega with the intention of investigating theatrical and corporal languages related to public space.
In 2018, the company launches its first project 'ZH or 36 million years at 120 km/h'. Shortly after, the team founded Cruma, the first theater school in Tàrrega.